The Number 1 Reason Athletes Seek Help from Sport Psychologists

And one key strategy to unlocking it


Confidence is something top athletes work on daily, as it’s linked to many other areas of mental fitness such as dealing with fear, getting into the zone & performing.

Today we share one key strategy to unlocking it.

It’s all about the relationship between high expectations and confidence.

This relationship needs to be realistic, and strong.

When you fail to meet your expectations you will experience a greater degree of pressure and anxiety. This can lower your self-confidence through:

Set yourself up to succeed:

1) Let go of strict expectations that you cannot control.

2) Rather focus on your talents and strengths.

3) Know them, write them down, maximize them and take advantage of them.

You’ve got this athlete.

Start with the head, end with the heart.

Speak soon,

The Sportmi Team

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