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Stories and Lessons for Athletes and Coaches

Positive vs. Accurate Thinking

Athletes and coaches, we are impressed by you! Although it's not altogether surprising to see so many of you acting as leaders and inspiring others during this time, from sharing home training plans to devising creative ways to maintain fitness, athletes around the world are stepping up and...


Free and Discounted Resources During Covid Lockdowns

We want to help teach and support as many problem-solvers and leaders in sport as we can during this time and have opened up or discounted as many products and services as feasibly possible, including live sessions with some of our professional psychologists. FREE RESOURCES: Mini course - The...


Can Your Brain Get Fitter?

We love watching an athlete get physically stronger, faster, fitter. Especially when you can track the data e.g. increased bench press by 20% or improved marathon time by 15 minutes. This is particularly satisfying when the athlete is following a training plan that promised this physical...


Do You Want To Be Calm like Federer?

I love watching Rodger Federer play tennis and seeing the confidence and calmness he brings to his game. Who wouldn't want that every day? A personal story.When I was competing as a pole-vaulter I hit a mental block. I was too scared to plant the pole so I started seeing a sport...