Imagery is not Visualization

Breaking down some misconceptions on imagery for athletes

Imagery is an extremely powerful mental tool that can have a major impact on performance, it truly is one of sport psychology’s greatest weapons.

When combined with physical training can make an athlete unstoppable. But there is more to imagery than simply closing your eyes.

The Research

Research shows that we can be aware of seeing and feeling movements as an image without actually experiencing the real thing. More to come on this though.

The Professional Proof

Ronaldinho, one of the best footballers of this generation, spoke of his use of imagery and its benefits for him prior to the 2006 World Cup.

“When I construct those plays in my mind, I take into account whether one team-mate likes to receive the ball at his feet, or ahead of him; if he is good with his head, and how he prefers to head the ball, if he is stronger on his right or left foot. That is my job. That is what I do. I imagine the game”

The Misconceptions

You don’t need to be a professional athlete to master Imagery, you simply need to include it in your practice. We’ll explore this more with knowledge from our pro’s throughout the month of February. 

Dr Rico, Oliver, Honorata and the Sportmi Team

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