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What you will get in the full course:

  • What the Zone is from a scientific point of view
  • What elements contribute towards achieving and maintaining the Zone; and
  • How to find, achieve and maintain YOUR FLOW STATE
  • Videos, exercises (many of them), worksheets, techniques and more.

The sneak peek looks into one of the most important techniques you will learn about in this course: The IZOF Theory.


Your Instructor

Dr Kotryna Fraser Ph.D Sport Psychology Lecturer
Dr Kotryna Fraser Ph.D Sport Psychology Lecturer

Hi, my name is Kotryna and I am an Associate Lecturer in Exercise and Sport Sciences (Sport Psychology) at the The University of Newcastle, Australia. I am also an accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist in Psychology Support under the British Association of Sport and Exercise Scientists (BASES). My clients include collegiate, national and international athletes from different sports such as golf, motorsports, water sports, field hockey and now you. I look forward to teaching you about The Zone and seeing you develop as a mentally strong athlete!

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