Positive vs. Accurate Thinking

Another way of thinking

Athletes and coaches, we are impressed by you!

Although it’s not altogether surprising to see so many of you acting as leaders and inspiring others during this time, from sharing home training plans to devising creative ways to maintain fitness, athletes around the world are stepping up and thinking positively.

We know it’s still tough though and we want to share with you a third type of thinking that could be even more beneficial. Clinton Gahwiler our health and sport psychologist from South Africa tells us a little more about Accurate Thinking:

“We get told to think positively but it’s not only about positive and negative thinking. In fact, there could be dangers associated with both.

Negative Thinking

Negative thinking is obviously problematic in that it may lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy or negative results. In terms of positive thinking, whilst this is still an important style of thinking, there are some dangers here too such as overestimating and slacking down our readiness to take action or control.

Accurate Thinking

Accurate thinking, however, enables us to identify that which is true and relevant. It helps us to manage our emotions more effectively, ensures better all-round emotional health, and is key to managing stress and pressure in sport. Thinking accurately helps create new agendas, new thoughts, and new visions.”


We want to help teach and support more accurate thinkers, problem-solvers and leaders in sport and have opened up or discounted as many products as we feasibly can, including live sessions with our professional psychologists.

Enjoy them and stay safe!

Strong mind. Strong athlete.

Honorata and the Sportmi team


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