Full package - All 7 advanced mental training courses in one package!

All 7 Advanced Courses in 1 Package. COMING SOON.

Various authors from around the world

Many professional authors have worked together to compile this course bundle. Here is who will be teaching you: 1. GOAL-SETTING: Honorata Nel, CoFounder Sportmi, Ex-athlete and Performance Coach. New York/Amsterdam 2. IMAGERY: Dr. Rico Schuijers Ph.D. Sport and Performance Psychologist, Amsterdam. 3. SELF-TALK: Clinton Gahwiler. Sport Psychologist, Cape Town. 4. THE ZONE: Dr. Kotryna Fraser Ph.D. Sport Psychology Lecturer, New South Wales. 5. FEARLESSNESS: Dr. Robert Udewitz Ph.D Sport and Clinical Psychologist, New York. 6. SUCCESS: Alexandra Norton, Sport and Counselling Psychologist, Ex-athlete, Johannesburg. 7. COMPASSION: Coming Soon.

Courses Included with Purchase

Set Your Sports Goals for Peak Performance

Set Your Goals For Peak Performance

A step-by-step guide to EFFECTIVE goal-setting for athletes

Master-Visualization-in Sport--sport-psychology-course

Master Visualisation
in Sport

Imagery theory and techniques for peak sport performance

Achieve Subconscious Confidence in Sport

Achieve Subconscious Confidence

How to train confidence into the subconscious mind and perform better

Get Big Match Temperament and Achieve Flow

Big match temperament

Get Big Match Temperament and Achieve Flow

Conquer Anxiety in Sport

Conquer Anxiety in Sport

A constructive approach to FEARLESS performance and comebacks

Learn How to Win Every Time (& Deal with Pressure)

Learn How to Win Every Time

The Ultimate Course for Mental Toughness

Course Curriculum

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